We are used to, and expect, instant access to the personal and business applications we use. Any delays in accessing and using these applications, and we simply move on.

With more mobile devices connecting to the corporate network and more people using cloud-based services, your bandwidth is under increasing strain to provide super-fast, always-available connectivity. Network security is also a growing concern.

Our Internet Access service guarantees high-performing, private Internet access. Dedicated 1:1 bandwidth enables people to access applications quickly and use them effectively – without delays, downtime or other performance issues.

Do more with the Internet

Grow your infrastructure as your business does

Open your business to a world of applications

No more video or voice calls breaking up because of slow bandwidth. The Internet Access network can accommodate even the most bandwidth-intensive services and converged communication tools without the frustration of slow response times or data loss interfering with application performance.

You can take advantage of cloud services and web-based applications by being able to access these services using a reliable, secure, high-performance connection. You are also able to cater for increasing volumes of data as your business grows and becomes more complex, so that you can analyse and share big data, or use more video-based communications and applications.

Boost productivity while maintaining security

Our reliable and fast business internet access means your teams will never miss a beat while using data-intensive or complicated applications. You can maintain productivity and enhance user experience by ensuring critical or even sophisticated applications always have bandwidth.

We have major content delivery networks on our network, including Akamai and Google, which means we can offer a faster and better user experience.

But with more applications come more entry points into your business, which means you could become increasingly vulnerable to cyber security risks. With Internet Access, you control the security, networking and routing of data between your business locations, worldwide, which means you are always firmly in control of the network your organisation relies on.

Expand your footprint

Continually growing and interconnected digital and mobile environments are putting pressure on organisations to provide super-fast, always-available connectivity for high-bandwidth services and apps used by their consumers.

With our Internet Access service, speeds of more than 100 Gbps over multiple cable systems give you a seamless connection to the rest of the world, so you can connect and collaborate with teams across business locations.

As your business expands, in size, location, or both, you can be confident that our Internet Access infrastructure will be able to meet increased demand without this affecting performance.

A super-fast reliable Internet connection

Your own super-fast fixed bandwidth, guaranteed

Direct Internet access over a carrier-grade network

Our Internet Access service is delivered over a carrier-grade network. This is the same type of network telecom service providers use to make fast, reliable Internet connections available on a large scale to clients. With our enterprise Internet Access service, you can also provide the same performance and quality of connectivity to your organisation.

Thanks to our carrier-grade network, Internet Access offers the following features:

  • Minimum round-trip time (it doesn’t take long for a data packet to get to its destination and come back again)
  • Minimum packet loss (almost all data packets reach their destination)
  • Low latency (there are very few delays in sending and receiving data packets)

A reliable service, guaranteed

Internet Access uses our very own Internet Solutions network backbone in South Africa. The network is fully redundant and is designed on meshed topology, so you’ll still receive a service if individual cables break.

It’s spread over a large number of access points – if something goes wrong with one access point, network traffic will simply move to the next one. The international network uses undersea fibre optic cable systems, and we monitor the capacity of all links 24/7, so you’ll always have an Internet service.

Three bandwidth options to support different application needs

Our Internet Access service gives you a choice of bandwidth packages. All you need to do is choose the one that best suits your needs: from supporting important (but not critical applications) right up to guaranteeing that business-critical applications are always available. Network traffic is unshaped and your bandwidth use is unlimited on all three networks:

  • Classic: Good quality bandwidth and minimum bandwidth guarantees under normal and major-outage conditions
  • Select: An ideal enterprise-grade Internet service that you can adapt if your bandwidth capacity is reduced
  • Optimum: 100% bandwidth for business-critical applications and those that generate revenue

Uncontended bandwidth, unlimited possibilities

Guaranteed availability, fixed costs

A fully managed solution to suit your budget

Enjoy the benefits of secure, high-performing bandwidth without having to invest in the underlying infrastructure. Our Internet Access solution is a fully managed service that includes solution design, configuration, support, change management and reporting. Determining your exact bandwidth capacity requirements doesn’t have to be a guessing game anymore: you can ensure the optimal performance of applications by downloading detailed reports on bandwidth use, enabling you to make an informed decision when determining the need to increase capacity.

You pay a fixed price for each Internet Access connectivity package you use, so it’s easier to budget for and control your bandwidth costs.

Fast and secure connectivity

We have service level agreements in place for guaranteed availability, and our expert engineers provide 24/7 support. Unlike with other Internet access options, we can ensure a synchronous service –high-speed data transfer in both directions which ensures that all of your downloads and uploads happen at the same speed.

All packages offer guaranteed bandwidth under normal conditions and 1:1 contention. Uncontended bandwidth means you’re the only user of that bandwidth; you don’t share it with anyone else. You have dedicated Internet access, and you get to monitor how your bandwidth is being used.

To improve security and minimise the risk of cyberattacks, we have implemented strong distributed denial of service (DDoS) mitigation services on the network.

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