At Internet Solutions, we deliver with the best. Join the IS team and become a superhero.

Grow with Us

We are a talent-based organisation, obsessed with empowering our Crew. We have a supportive culture that nourishes growth and celebrates recognising achievements, and our leaders are focused on helping you craft a path of progress. We build with the best, which means you get to work with some of the top technical talent in the southern hemisphere. You are exposed to world-class solutions, ground-breaking thinking and exceptional talent – every single day! There are no limits to where you can grow or how you get there: if you have the passion to pursue it, we have the means to support it. By plugging into our local and global network of opportunities and partners, you know that every step you take forward is a meaningful one.

Diversity and Inclusion

The diversity of our Crew gives us a unique edge that we share with everyone in our world – our community, clients, partners, suppliers, shareholders, regulators, individuals and industries. We were born out of engineering but it’s the inclusion of varied talent –both conventional and unconventional in our line of work – over time that has helped us flourish. Our diversity doesn’t simply tick the necessary boxes: it brings together ways of thinking, problem-solving, inventing, innovating and designing that you won’t find anywhere else. After all, our Crew have one thing in common: they are passionate about creating for tomorrow and are the best at what they do. Together, we pursue the possibilities of technology in shaping a better future.

Inspiring workplace

Building a better world is part of our DNA. Our people are our biggest differentiator and everyone in our Crew shares a desire to be involved in a movement that connects communities and creates positive change. Together, we work to inspire each other to achieve great things – every day. Everything we do, we do with a passion that transcends job titles. This is what keeps us connected and makes us stand out from the crowd. Every facet of our business is focused on inspiring a better world, and we make sure we start with the people who can have the biggest impact: our Crew.

Learning and Development

Expertise is in our DNA and inevitably becomes a part of yours! Our range of learning and development programmes covers anything from personal and business effectiveness to leadership management and technical training. We bring the best of the industry to our Crew, and empower them to complete external qualifications.

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