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At it’s peak, Enron Corporation was described as one of America’s most innovative companies. But the US energy corporation’s success was short lived. Enron filed for bankruptcy in 2001 after it emerged that some of the company’s top dogs weren’t properly managing operations. You see, these executives were colluding with Enron’s accounting firm to manipulate financial reports and accounting loopholes to hide the fact that they were millions of dollars in debt. Once a powerful company, Enron seemed to crumble overnight.

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The Enron Scandal is the perfect example of the potentially disastrous impact of mismanagement. Whether it’s IT workloads or business balance sheets, failing to manage tasks and responsibilities properly can be the difference between success and failure. If IT workloads are mismanaged, it’s not only the tech staff who will feel the effects but rather, the whole organisation.

If you still need some more convincing, keep reading. In this blog, we unpack some of the effects of mismanaged IT workloads.

Lack of visibility:

If you aren’t able to see what’s going on, there’s no way to manage tasks effectively. Siloed data and the unnecessary replication of tasks not only wastes time and resources but in doing so, this mismanagement of IT workloads also costs money. And when tasks aren’t properly managed, overall efficiency and productivity declines. Adopting a well-managed cloud solution is the perfect strategy to prevent unnecessary replication and not waste your staff’s time.

Deliverable delays:

The impact of the inefficiency described above delays the completion of tasks. If IT teams are expected to handle various operational tasks, as well as having to deal with more strategic duties across the entire organisation, they’re likely to not complete tasks in time. The trick is to work smarter and proper management is the cornerstone of achieving this.

Poor security:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, when IT workloads are mismanaged, there’s a high chance that security will be negatively affected. While dealing with security risks generally falls on the shoulders of the IT department, as businesses become more connected, security becomes everyone’s problem. The lack of visibility that results from mismanaged workloads could see unauthorised people gaining access to confidential information, with potentially disastrous results.

Declining profit margins due to greater risk:

Inefficiency thwarts a business' revenue stream because it takes longer to accomplish fewer tasks or to produce fewer goods. By streamlining processes and increasing overall efficiency you’ll easily be able to curb unnecessary spending.

It’s likely that there are a number of things affecting your business’ productivity. But by considering what effects each inefficient process has on your organisation, you’re more motivated to make a change. If something is hindering your security efforts, causing delays or affecting profit, maybe you should get rid of it. Want to better understand where you may be falling short? Download our IT Workloads Symptom Checker, it’ll help you find out if your processes are being mismanaged.

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