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IT departments are at a tipping point. The new technological landscape is demanding a lot more input from businesses and at the epicentre should be the IT staff working hard to ensure they can keep up.

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Executives often make IT-related decisions on their own and only sometimes bring their IT managers into the loop. Improve the connection you have with your IT manager because they are the ones who will need to work with the proposed technology and teach others. Here’s how to put the IT department back in the driver’s seat to ensure it’s being steered in the right direction.

Storage and backup

Businesses today need secure, reliable and speedy access to their data. Secure maintenance of your customer information is vital to your business’s integrity. When it comes to security, IT managers and CIOs tend to focus on digital threats only. They have software solutions and firewalls in place, but haven't planned for any contingencies. The IT department reassures the company that it has backed up their data, but might not have the time to test the recovery site. What if that data isn't offsite and is simply duplicated in the same in-house data centre? Businesses must put aside the notion that their IT department is solely responsible for protecting their data, it is this type of thinking that can place them in jeopardy. Data centre management is complex and requires particular expertise. The risks associated with managing a data centre while trying to serve company and customer needs increases the risk of failure in both areas.

Head to the cloud

Businesses find themselves in a market where customers seek instant gratification, time efficiencies and value for money. Cloud or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is your best option to help cater for this, remain relevant and compete for market share. IaaS will lift all constraints associated with in-house technology service delivery and put your IT department in charge of monitoring business operations and execution. You will not lose control when you use IaaS because you will have continued insight into developments in your environment. Our services ensure that resource usage isn’t wasted through our pay-as-you-use model.

Facilitating communications

Businesses recognise the need for a more mature set of communication and collaboration tools to facilitate the workplace of the future, but have fallen into the trap of implementing tools that work in silos. The only way around this scenario is to choose a single vendor to handle your communication infrastructure. Communication technology gives your company the resources it needs to communicate quickly and efficiently. Outdated or non-existent communication infrastructure will put your business at risk of losing irreplaceable clients. Harness the power of advanced communication tools using our cutting-edge tools and infrastructure.

When the company's IT strategy is consistent about how it will solve client problems, then it can be more productive and innovative. This can only take place when IT is enabled as a strategic group instead of just a support centre. IT staff aren't often thought of as the heroes of the organisation because their department does not directly contribute to the creation or deployment of products and services. But one tends to forget that the IT department is the engine that powers all business activities. Think about it – technology powers everything we do. Today, the adoption and development of new technology doesn’t only affect tech companies any more.

Despite its influence, technology is not always implemented to its maximum. This has to change and we can help you. Read our 10 myths about outsourcing your enterprise architecture to learn why outsourcing your IT solutions is the way forward.

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