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Graeme O'driscoll Head: Software Engineering

When businesses use a set number of protocols to deploy, optimise, integrate and scale their cloud computing ecosystem, they are making use of a consolidated cloud management platform.

Deploying a cloud management platform such as SkyLight provides an unmatched level of simplicity. Without SkyLight, you’ll have to learn about all of the procedures for each platform. With SkyLight, various cloud platforms are monitored through a single interface.

SkyLight lets you work across multiple cloud platforms including Dimension Data, Internet Solutions Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2 cloud services.

It has built-in reporting functionality that makes it incredibly easy to identify areas for improvement in your cloud environment, which comprises the cloud services mentioned above.

Cloud integration

SkyLight was developed to address the challenges of cloud integration and offers our clients unprecedented agility, flexibility and scalability. The level of visibility offered by SkyLight means that all your business assets and resources across multiple providers can be monitored in a single convenient interface. This allows you to allocate the correct resources for the workload at hand and track consumption and spending.

In essence, SkyLight delivers the world’s biggest cloud, enabling you to test new ideas, boost overall productivity, speed up the time to market and obtain a more transparent view of your entire cloud environment.

Save money

The cost of maintaining separate platforms can quickly add up. You can get more value for money with a cloud management platform. SkyLight saves your business money because greater visibility means fewer chances of anything slipping through the cracks. Everything is recorded and accounted for, issues are caught quickly and can be corrected early instead of six months down the line.

You will receive one consolidated bill from us with detailed usage statistics on all the virtual environments and cloud platforms you use, so you can see exactly where you’re spending money.

The reality is that using multi-cloud platforms will become more complex, thanks to the growth of microservices. So adopting an architecture that simplifies scalability and breaks down applications into independent, but linked services is the way to go. Learn more about our unique cloud management platform, SkyLight.

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