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Matthew Ashe Executive Head: Data Centres

During the holiday season, the last thing people want to be worrying about is data security.

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But alas, just because most of us are winding down to the holidays and preparing to take a well-earned break, doesn’t mean you can relax your IT security efforts. According to Finextra research, it’s at this time of year that companies should be at their most vigilant because, with everyone so caught up in the festive spirit, their judgement around data security is likely to be more lax than usual.

“Companies can, therefore, be at higher risk of data breaches as employees start saving copyrighted material or downloading infected material onto their network. With administrators or IT security staff beginning to take holiday leave, security processes are likely to drop without those around responsible for enforcing it.”

One of the best ways to ensure that your sensitive corporate data remains secure all year round is to leave it to the professionals. By outsourcing your data security needs to a service provider, it’s their job to keep business critical information secure.

Here are four reasons why moving to a data centre may give you the peace of mind you’re looking for this festive season:

  • Lower risk of downtime:

Any business knows that downtime is bad news. Not only does it affect your ability to complete tasks and meet customer needs, it also costs money and can tarnish your reputation. In 2013, research from the Ponemon Institute revealed that just one minute of data centre downtime costs $7 900. Signing an SLA with a reputable colocation centre means that they are legally bound to ensure that their infrastructure is reliable. As such, they have the necessary technology in place, and the most reliable IT systems available, to drastically reduce downtime risks and to ensure that your data is always secure.

  • Constant support:

If the power goes out at your data centre, if there’s a fire or a flood or an electrical fault, it’s not your job to get involved. Outsourcing your data centre means that someone else is responsible for handling these hurdles and keeping everything up and running.

  • Reliability, experience, expertise:

Would you want your Crème Brule prepared by an experienced chef or an amateur? By outsourcing to a dedicated service provider, you’ll be working with a team with all the knowledge and experience required to ensure business success. In addition to this, an outsourcing model shifts the responsibility of managing systems and upgrading infrastructure to a service provider. This allows IT managers and CIOs to focus their efforts on achieving business goals.

  • Security:

The best colocation facilities will have security staff on-site all day, every day. These data centres will also have the latest biometric security technology to prevent unauthorised access.

Outsourcing seems a rather attractive option, doesn’t it? If you’re keen to move to a colocation facility but aren’t sure how to pick the right partner, why not take a look at this checklist. It details everything you should consider when selecting an effective data centre service provider.

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