Murray Steyn
Murray Steyn Executive Head: Wholesale

Choosing the right partner will unlock a world of opportunity for multinational ISPs and global carriers looking to expand in Africa. With the largest managed services network on the continent established through 20 years of investment, a partnership with IS can prove invaluable.

Opportunities to serve ICT needs

Africa is becoming increasingly connected and switched on. Digital skills are on the rise and so is the demand for bandwidth. With a young and ambitious population, Africa is playing a growing role in the digital landscape – a trend that’s sure to continue. But the continent needs providers that can offer affordable, scalable and reliable ICT services, and tailored packages to meet the specific needs of businesses. There’s no shortage of opportunities for global carriers and ISPs looking to expand in Africa.

However, too many make the mistake of going it alone, resulting in costly (and unnecessary) infrastructure capex and poor investment choices owing to a lack of knowledge about a particular market. The costs of building and maintaining new infrastructure are often underestimated, as are the complexities and costs of meeting regulatory requirements that vary from one region to another.

The power of partnerships

The solution – as demonstrated time and again – is to partner with an established local provider, one with a solid reputation, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a wealth of knowledge about the region. Picking the wrong partner carries its own risks and having a range of partners becomes challenging because of the multiple contracts to negotiate, inconsistency in services, SLAs, reporting and billing. A single partner with a wide geographic spread and carefully curated local partnerships solves these problems.

The IS advantage

Apart from the largest managed services network on the continent, IS boasts six operating offices in South Africa, Mozambique, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria, and 66 Points of Presence in 16 regional markets. We take our performance guarantees seriously. We provide over 210 Gbps of bandwidth capacity over West and East African coastal cable systems and our investments in Sat 3, Main One, WACS, Seacom, EASSy, TEAMs and SAF ensure true redundancy of service.

Through 20 years of investment and steady expansion, we have built and maintained relationships with trusted, in-country service providers. We have also gained an understanding of the kind of connectivity solutions that customers are seeking, how they use data, and how these patterns are likely to evolve as populations grow and disposable incomes increase. We also have a solid understanding of the regulatory and financial compliance landscapes, as well as the nuances and challenges of each market.

The IS advantage extends to our 15 500m2 of data centre space in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and London, as well as 3 500 VSAT terminations with teleports in South Africa, Mozambique, Nigeria and Germany. These assets grant us the scale and flexibility needed to offer tailored solutions to any enterprise.

To become a part of Africa’s digital journey and leverage wholesale solutions to capitalise on the business opportunities that await, consider how much you stand to gain by partnering with the continent’s most established Internet service provider. Start by exploring and evaluating our capabilities around the world.

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