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From retail and finance to manufacturing and healthcare – every industry faces cyberthreats. Just because your industry isn’t a “technical” one, doesn’t mean that you’re in the clear.

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In this blog, we highlight the industries most affected by cybercrime.

Banking and finance

Why is this industry targeted?

The banking and financial services industry is perhaps the perfect package for hackers. Just think about it, businesses in this industry have access to all the information hackers are looking for – from bank account numbers and private financial information to client identities.

What techniques are they using?

  • Business email compromise (BES): Scammers manipulate the hierarchy of a business to scam employees. Basically, someone in a financial role will receive an email that appears to be from a top-level executive. The sinister email will outline that a supplier has changed their banking details and needs to be paid urgently. In this way, people are tricked into paying large sums of money into the wrong account.


Why is this industry targeted?

While one may not expect the manufacturing industry to be a cybercrime target, it is for various reasons. Some of which include cybercriminals stealing an organisation’s intellectual property, committing corporate espionage or business sabotage

What techniques are they using?

  • Advanced persistent threats (APT) – Hackers gain unauthorised access to corporate networks and stay there undetected for long periods of time. This malware is remotely controlled and is hidden from detection by traditional antivirus software.
  • Cyber espionage – These security breaches are either competitor or state sponsored. The aim of the attack is to infiltrate corporate networks and steal proprietary data and trade secrets. They can do so via various methods, such as phishing emails or ATPs.


Why is this industry targeted?

As retail outlets move their offerings online, they are opening themselves up to cybercrime. This industry is particularly vulnerable due to a traditionally high staff turnover and a widely dispersed attack surface, among other things.

What techniques are they using?

  • Web app attacks
  • Point-of-sale attacks
  • Payment card skimming


Why is this industry targeted?

Healthcare is possibly one of the most information-intensive sectors. It is for this reason that it is a prime target for cybercriminals. Consider electronic health records, which contain enormous amounts of information, from patient’s names and addresses to their financial details and physical condition.

What techniques are they using?

  • Ransomware – This type of attack sees cybercriminals blocking access to computer systems stealing confidential information and requesting a sum of money to return the data or unencrypt networks.

When it comes to cybersecurity, you need to have plans to place to safeguard your organisation before something goes wrong. Responding to an event may be too late. Internet Solutions have a range of security solutions that are geared to help all businesses, regardless of industry and size, curb cyberthreats. If you still need more information about the current state of the cybersecurity landscape, download our trend report for 2017.

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