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OTT stands for over the top, in other words, “added value” in the network services you provide. The service provider puts the control in the user's hands.

They allow the user to choose how they want to use the service and on which device. The service provider carries the IP packets from source to destination.

OTT uses an unmanaged and publicly accessible Internet to deliver its services. For instance, you offer a 3G service and the customer uses their smartphone to use Skype. This means that businesses can offer a one-stop technology, content creation, content management, distribution, marketing and monetisation service to its users.

Why provisioning OTT services should be a priority

There are two-and-a-half billion digital customers globally under 25 years old who are “always on”. They show a different usage behaviour compared with the traditional analogue consumer. Digital is becoming the preferred means of doing business and there is a rise in mobile-only access. This contributes to the projection that by 2019 more than two billion users will make payments with their mobile devices.

More digital natives are entering the core telco market. Big players such as Apple, Google and WhatsApp threaten to cannibalise offerings in view of the more innovative, easy-to-use and attractive messaging and communication services. They are offering staple services that used to be the domain of traditional telcos only, but who are now your competitors.

Lean and nimble businesses such as Skype are leveraging “freemium” business models to capture the operators’ core voice and messaging revenue.

Many operators still regard OTT services as a threat to their traditional business model, but a change in mindset can help operators evolve their capabilities and capitalise on growing demand.

OTT services bring in revenue for your business

Network providers stand to lose revenue if they don’t cater to OTT services. They must offer good 3G and 4G connectivity for users of these services. Some network service providers even have their own OTT service which is not entirely OTT, but an alternative to it.

To survive in this new market, network providers need to embrace the OTT concept. As an example, extending interoperable telco services throughout your network could enable OTT services. And working with partner carriers like Internet Solutions to provide the right services that underpin optimal value-added OTT services can augment your customer experience. The bottom line is that OTT is an opportunity to extend into new revenue territory.

Let us help revolutionise your data offering

You need to cater to the increasing demand for bandwidth and infrastructure without worrying about the investment in the network that carries the traffic. To remain competitive, telcos need to develop advanced connectivity services to defend their core networking and infrastructure business. Network providers excel at providing ubiquitous connectivity over fixed and wireless networks – ongoing upgrades to their next-generation networks will give them the ability to provide a variety of advanced services.

This is where Internet Solutions can play a vital role in your wholesale business. We recently upgraded our capacity on WACS to 400GB to meet the greater demand for higher throughput, ultra-low latency connectivity as a result of the content explosion to allow for greater African participation in the global economy.

You can start offering the best-in-class wholesale solutions through us.

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