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If you Google “Benefits of outsourcing”, the results are endless – from cost savings and increased efficiencies to greater productivity and access to the best technologies, resources and expertise. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? That’s because it is.

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Even if you’re building up an amazing team of talented and dedicated employees, there will be times when you need a few extra hands to help you get the job done. Outsourcing is the answer if you are not in a position to hire someone new, but if you need help to bridge the gap during busy times.

At this point, you may be wondering if some IT services are more suited to outsourcing than others? Here’s a list of a few critical IT services, as well as some reasons why outsourcing is suited to each:

  • Cloud:If you are keeping your cloud in-house, it might be time to explore the option of outsourcing. Not only does using a host mean lower upfront costs and greater security, it also guarantees reliability, improves support and gives you access to a range of expert skills. Need we say more?
  • Cybersecurity:With cyberthreats on the rise, security needs to be at the top of every enterprise’s priority list. But finding people with the necessary talent can prove to be tricky and costly. With a trusted partner who is committed to keeping you safe, you can easily outsource cybersecurity and retain full control of your business operations.
  • Data centre:Let’s face it, running your own data centre can be a costly exercise. Renting/buying premises, hiring staff to maintain the place and buying all the equipment is only a fraction of the expense. By outsourcing your data centre, you’ll have access to the newest state-of-the-art technologies and the best expertise at a minimal cost. By using a colocation centre, you’ll also have the reduced risk of downtime, seamless scalability and you can simplify compliance and governance requirements.
  • VoiP: If you’re looking to optimise your IT resources and bolster your business’s reliability, then outsourcing your phone management is the way to go. If you outsource all your telephony needs to a single service provider, it will set up all the hardware and software – and maintain everything for you. This is the ideal solution to improve performance while cutting costs.

Ultimately, taking any of these decisions must come down to what IT services you need and what is best for your business. As the COO, it’s important for you to have a handle on all things IT and the tools and IT solutions you need to meet your needs. If you feel like you’re falling behind, you’re in luck. We’ve put together a handy resource that unpacks the current IT landscape and shows you how these trends align with your broader business objectives. Click here  to download our Understanding IT for the COO guide now.

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