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SkyLight, from Internet Solutions, is a value-added service that enables businesses to take full advantage of the cloud platforms they’re already using. Many already know how SkyLight makes cloud platform integration simpler to manage and more affordable, but don’t realise that our unique pricing structure takes those savings even further. Read on to learn about SkyLight’s unique features, as well as how the SkyLight pricing model works, and what it means for your business.

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The digital disruption that cloud computing has enabled in business is so profound that it’s hard to believe the concept came about only a decade ago. The speed, agility and cost-reduction associated with cloud computing is well known, but modern, digital businesses will never fully realise the potential of the cloud if their software, infrastructure and service providers exist in isolation from one another.

SkyLight brings the full potential of cloud to fruition. We developed SkyLight with the intention of addressing the challenges of cloud integration, offering our clients unprecedented agility, flexibility and scalability by bringing many infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers together in one location.

SkyLight gives you one centralised interface for managing all of your cloud platforms. With SkyLight, you don’t have to work with different interfaces or switch from one management system to another, which means you’ll have fewer admin headaches and more time to spend on business-critical tasks. The level of visibility that SkyLight offers means that all of your business assets and resources across multiple providers can be monitored in one convenient interface. This allows you to allocate the right resources for the workload at hand, track consumption and spending – and that’s not the only way it helps cut IT costs…

Flexible Pricing, No Lock-Ins

SkyLight’s billing function allows you to estimate the costs of increasing resources in any environment, so you can better manage your budgets and forecast future requirements. People, time, maintenance, support, infrastructure costs and additional investments are all taken into account, so that clients can accurately predict their costs before they purchase the solution.You’ll receive one consolidated bill with detailed usage statistics on all the virtual environments and cloud platforms you use, so you can see exactly where you’re spending money. Don’t spend valuable budget, time and resources on owning and maintaining your IT infrastructure. Leave that to us, so you can focus on what you do best.

You can choose one virtual environment for your entire business, or select different environments for different departments, deployments or workloads.

  • For Virtual Machines, specific resources are allocated to each virtual machine in a “server replacement” approach. You can choose from a range of configuration options for CPU, RAM and storage for different application types, and budgeting is easy thanks to fixed contract billing, without having to be locked into a long-term contract.
  • For Virtual Data Centres, you can configure and provision new virtual servers from a pool of CPU, RAM and storage. Fixed contract billing also means there are no surprises at the end of the month.
  • With our Public Cloud services, multi-tenanted architecture gives you almost unlimited resources on secure, high-performing infrastructure. You’ll be able to customise CPU, RAM and storage for each server, with a range of options for each. What’s more, by-the-hour billing for resources means you only pay for what you use.

These financial constructs represent great added value for our clients because we add no cost for the integration of your chosen platforms, so you’re free to have a combination of all the financial constructs you need to meet your business’s specific workload requirements. You pay exactly what you would to your existing service providers, with the added benefit of SkyLight’s integrated interface to help you manage them.

As cloud adoption quickly becomes the business standard, every organisation will need to select the best combination of cloud systems for their needs, and integrate them better than their competitors to gain a competitive advantage. Fortunately, cloud integration solutions like SkyLight gives business owners more control, flexibility, visibility and insight upon which to base their business IT decisions.

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