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Today, your business runs atop a number of workloads, each providing a specific function – be it CRM, finances, analytics, contact centre support or data redundancy. Many of those workloads are nestled in the cloud, whether for improved collaboration, lower costs, mobility or agility, but until recently, cloud-based workloads have come at the expense of time spent and added complexity.

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Simply put: workloads are contingent on a number of requirements, meaning you must select a platform (among a number of service providers) that best fulfils the needs of each workload. In return, you need to manage multiple service providers, as well as navigate their very particular nomenclature and pricing preferences, all of which is complicated and time-consuming. SkyLight is our solution to your problem – a single, consolidated interface for all of your workloads across multiple platforms, multiple providers, and multiple locations. So, how does it work?

Identify the nature of workloads

Before you can select the right platform for a particular workload, you understandably need to know the nature of the application or application stack the workload comprises of, and what requirements and limitations, if any, it has. If the workload is the (customer-facing) front end of an e-commerce website for a largely local customer base, for example, then the lowest possible latency is likely high on the list of priorities – ensuring the best possible user experience.

To achieve that, you’re going to need a local cloud platform. You may, however, have international customers, to which regulations demand an international platform for their financial transactions to be stored. In either case, fulfilling those requirements would mean a lengthy search and review process and, subsequently, complicated management systems: contacting various service providers, benchmarking their offerings, and in most cases hiring more individuals and utilising more documents to keep track of the various platforms.

So, what can SkyLight do?

Where SkyLight can make a huge difference is in finding and managing your chosen platforms, saving you time and money. As the world’s biggest cloud, SkyLight consolidates multiple platforms – Internet Solutions Cloud, Amazon EC2, Dimension Data Cloud and Microsoft Azure – with their various constructs all in one holistic interface.

If what you need is a local platform, it takes a few clicks of the mouse to simply select between Internet Solutions Cloud or Dimension Data Cloud, each option will display three financial constructs (Virtual Machine, Virtual Data Centre and Public Cloud) that you can choose between to get the virtual environment that’s best for your business. Each comes with different ways of using and paying for the virtual resources you need, offering different levels of flexibility and control, all in a secure environment. Options are all contextually sensitive according to the particular service provider, but importantly, utilise a single, unified nomenclature. You can even delete and edit machines on the fly, or simply retrieve passwords with little effort.

SkyLight is designed with visibility and simplicity in mind, making management of your workloads a piece of cake. There’s a complete overview of what machines are being used, their operating systems, CPU, hard disks and RAM utilisation, connected networks and where they’re deployed. And depending on what underlying flexibility is afforded by each platform, you can spin up or down and generally alter the parameters of each workload to your business’s benefit.

All of that functionality is contained within a single user interface, irrespective of the number of service providers you’re using. We shouldn’t have to point out how easy it is for SkyLight to eliminate IT sprawl in its tracks once and for all. Nothing escapes your gaze. That’s the power of SkyLight – unparalleled visibility and complete functionality at your fingertips. It really is as easy as it sounds.

If you would like to experience SkyLight first hand, book a demo with one of our cloud experts.

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