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Digital transformation has turned the data landscape into a complex labyrinth that is difficult to navigate without ultimate visibility and integration, especially for IT managers. But is it really possible to get both of these things from your cloud provider?

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When choosing a cloud platform, keeping all your workloads in one place might seem like a good idea, but it’s not. You will have greater visibility to manage all your workloads simultaneously with a blanket solution like this, but some of the workloads might actually perform significantly better on another platform that is more aligned with their technical specifications – and your budget.

At the end of the day, ultimate performance usually means splitting your workloads between multiple platforms. The unfortunate consequence of this is that you won’t be able to see all your workloads in one place. For anyone wondering how to overcome this push-and-pull relationship between performance and visibility, there’s SkyLight, the World’s Biggest Cloud.

Introducing SkyLight

This first-of-its-kind aggregated cloud solution from Internet Solutions provides impossible-to-match integration, by giving you access to multiple cloud providers – Internet Solutions Cloud, Amazon EC2, Dimension Data Cloud and Microsoft Azure – delivered through a single interface for greater visibility. This is something most cloud providers won’t even offer you for their own set of services, never mind across multiple platforms.

As the IT manager, you would spend most of your time on SkyLight’s Virtual Machine Grid, which provides an all-encompassing view of the company’s entire cloud real estate. Now, multiple workloads can be deployed in multiple locations with ease, because the process is the same regardless of which platform you are deploying to. It also reduces the risk of Shadow IT, because everything is right in front of you, in one single-screen view.

Increased visibility of workloads

This integrated visibility also improves workflow by giving you greater autonomy to manage more with less. Transparency of service inclusions for each provider means the ability to benchmark individual platform performance metrics, allowing you to make decisions faster and with more foresight. Plus, you’ll never have trouble accounting for your department’s expenditure ever again, when you know exactly how many machines you’re dealing with at any given time – and how much it’s costing you.

Unlock the best of both worlds with greater visibility and integration in your own customisable virtual environment from SkyLight today.

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