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SkyLight is the James Bond of the cloud computing world: always relevant but ever-changing to adapt to your IT business needs. This first-of-its-kind aggregated cloud solution gives you, the user, access to multiple cloud providers – Internet Solutions Cloud, Amazon EC2, Dimension Data Cloud, Microsoft Azure – delivered through a single interface for your convenience. But what does that actually mean for your business?

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Take control of your cloud

Moving to SkyLight does not necessarily mean ‘breaking up’ with your current cloud provider. Instead, it’s about selecting the right platform for your workload – to optimise performance by migrating workloads to constructs that better align with their technical specifications or platforms that meet your current financial requirements. To achieve this, SkyLight makes the process of workload migration more fluid, by erasing the barriers between services across four of the most popular cloud providers around the world.

V is for visibility

Irrespective of your enterprise’s size, SkyLight’s consolidated, user-centric view of your workloads stops Shadow IT in its tracks – putting the ball back in your court. Now, you’ll be able to free yourself from managing physical assets like servers and data centres in favour of deploying multiple workloads in multiple locations.

The innovative single interface – something that no other cloud provider offers – will also allow the user to benchmark individual platform performance metrics, pricing options and security inclusions against one another and maintain proper levels of IT governance. This greater visibility goes hand in hand with greater autonomy, to manage more with less.

SkyLight is a value-added service. It means only paying for the services you use, and tailoring your spend to fit your consumption model – eliminating money spent on idle resources. And because there are no long-term contract lock-ins when you use SkyLight, you’ll have the flexibility to scale up or down as your operating expenses and business requirements fluctuate. You can even create thresholds (or caps) according to what you can afford on a monthly basis – monitored by intelligent algorithms that will notify you when your usage approaches that preassigned threshold before month end.

Agility without compromising on security

The transparency of service inclusions will also allow you to choose providers based on a risk basis. In addition to that, SkyLight has a range of security and performance management functions built in, across all virtual environments and on all cloud platforms to keep you covered.

In a nutshell, this mega-cloud means increased productivity and better value for money through improved visibility, flexibility and workload optimisation. It’s key to unlocking a customisable virtual environment that can encompass your business within one heterogeneous cloud real estate. Andrew Aitken, Executive: Cloud at Internet Solutions, summarises, “Having an immediate, holistic view of how virtual machines are performing – from both a usage and security perspective – means that CIOs and IT staff can make informed decisions about how to manage services in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.” To find out more about Skylight, book a demo with one of our cloud experts.

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