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Costa Koutakis Executive Head: Enterprise

Let’s take a trip down memory lane starting in 1993 when Internet Solutions was founded.

Internet Solutions looks back at 25 years

Our initial drive stemmed from the understanding that the South African market required competition in the telecoms industry. We felt that it was our duty to let the country reap the benefits of a connected world and offer a viable alternative to consumers.

At this time, a group of bright and enthusiastic individuals were starting a business and joining a global community focused on doing something quite revolutionary.

Today, we are the same cutting-edge ISP that’s introducing technology to make positive changes in our community. Our innovation and ground-breaking work haven’t stopped – take a look at our timeline to see how far we’ve come.

Businesses can harness the power of the Internet to improve operations. It’s just a matter of leveraging the right technology to help you get there. We offer a range of services which fit together in an efficient, end-to-end IT ecosystem. We provide an integrated approach from start to finish, without the involvement of a middleman. This allows for more efficient processes and a simpler daily workflow, which helps to optimise business performance.


It’s hard to imagine our daily lives without the Internet, let alone in the world of business. That’s because your business can suffer irreparable damage with a poor Internet service. The ramifications could result in a customer lost, an opportunity wasted or your business’s potential unfulfilled – all because connectivity wasn’t taken seriously. However, the right connectivity solution can help you avoid these issues.


The cloud offers businesses more flexibility compared with hosting on a local server. If you require extra bandwidth, a cloud-based service can meet that demand instantly – you don’t have to undergo a complex (and expensive) update of your IT infrastructure. This improved freedom and flexibility can make a significant difference to the overall efficiency of your organisation.


Effective communications bind employees together and since we are working in an era of remote working, you need to ensure you facilitate anywhere access – that’s where PBX solutions and unified communications come in. The setup and costs for operating modern PBX systems are significantly less than the conventional phone system. As these communication solutions work off an Internet connection, there is no requirement for a regular phone line. This means that you only need to deal with one account, for Internet and phone.

Data centre

As businesses move away from using in-house data centres, they turn to outsourced solutions such as co-location to house their information. It’s a smart move because when you house your information in an off-site data centre, it will receive 24/7 expert attention to ensure optimal operations and a secure facility.


Speaking of secure, remember that you are putting your business at serious risk if you still have to be convinced of the importance of investing in security. A common misconception in the IT world is that just having a computer firewall is sufficient – it’s not. Our solutions focus on a detect, protect and respond approach to security, giving you a holistic, well-rounded plan. But it only works if you invest in them all.

We have all the IT solutions you need to work smarter, do business better and effectively leverage technology. No matter what your needs are, we have the network infrastructure, expertise and drive to put you on the road to success.

Outsourcing with Internet Solutions is a good business investment because we have more than 20 years’ experience in this industry. Gain more insight into our enterprise product range by reading our e-book, it will give you a more in-depth understanding of what we have to offer your business.

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