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In 2017, the World Economic Forum (WEF) ranked cybersecurity as one of the top risks facing the world today.

This is because the evolution of the global threat landscape is relentless; placing increased pressure on business leaders and their IT teams keep their eyes open and innovate more rapidly than their opponents.

Dimension Data’s Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR) for 2018 highlights which industries are the hardest hit, the dynamic cyber risk landscape and proves just how easy it is for cyber criminals to disrupt digital businesses.

Here is a summary of the main GTIR findings:

  1. As more and more finance businesses begin to adopt disruptive technologies and increase their digital footprints, this sector is more at risk. In fact, the finance industry was the most attacked industry, according to the GTIR report.
  2. Supply chain proves a big vulnerability. As business ecosystems grow, and organisations move their data and business applications hybrid environments, they are also expanding the number of ways their foes can compromise the business.
  3. According to the report, ransomware proved the most popular weapon of choice among cybercriminals increasing by 350% globally in 2017. The research also found that ransomware has become more and more destructive.
  4. From an intellectual property perspective, the technology sector was the most targeted industry in 2017. This sector also tends to accept more risk, making tech industry infrastructure inherently more vulnerable to attacks.
  5. The manufacturing industry was also a hot target; especially as the lines between traditional and digital manufacturing begin to blur. This again, widens the attack landscape for sinister characters.
  6. In 2017, companies continued to struggle with balancing compliance and operational security. This is especially true as legislation like GDPR and PoPI come into play.
  7. On a positive note, the GTIR found that users are becoming more aware of the risks and, as a result, incident response is maturing. It would appear that businesses are improving their in-house training and resources and recovery plans.

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