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Choosing the right network connectivity approach for your business to resell to your customers can be intimidating.

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Over the years, private-line networks and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) have been the go-to technology to provide a reliable and secure connection. Now the evolution of aggregation services  has offered another option to you, MPLS VPN. With significantly higher quality and data prioritisation, MPLS VPN has become a more attractive investment to you as the solution can be used to enable a wide range of customer types from small organisations to large multinationals. Still not convinced? Then take a closer look at how MPLS VPN outperforms other forms of network connectivity.

Quality of service

MPLS VPN technology allows a large number of VPNs to be provisioned over our core infrastructure. The ability to consolidate a range of multimedia applications on the same network is what makes it more cost-effective than traditional IP networks.

The real benefit of this convergence lies in the ability to enhance these applications or introduce new ones like Internet of Things (IoT). Each application differs in terms of what is required from the network. During congestion, some applications are more tolerant of the bursty traffic produced by other applications and consequently, there is a graceful quality of service applied to manage performance for your customers. . In essence, quality of service involves the favourable treatment of the most mission-critical traffic on the network.

Class of service

Integrated class-of-service support is an important requirement from your customers because it provides the ability to address policy implementation and the provision of multiple levels of service classes found in our MPLS VPN solution. Network traffic is classified, defined and implemented by us and then transported from source to destination networks.

Traffic at the core can then be differentiated into different classes such as a voice class, a video class and a data class of platinum, gold and silver  to ensure that these applications are delivered smoothly and efficiently. Class of service puts you in control of your network and allows you to tailor how you want each application to function on your customer’s network.

Mesh network architecture

A mesh network consists of infrastructure nodes such as switches and routers, and other devices that are connected directly to as many other nodes as possible, to route data to and from your customer networks. The network design must be built for continuous connections and be able to route around broken paths using self-healing algorithms. In other words, traffic take the most optimal path through the network. Take a closer look at the concept of mesh network architecture by reviewing our previous blog.

Let us draft the perfect solution according to your  specifications to build for better. For more information on our wholesale connectivity solutions, Get in touch with us to find out more.

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