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Costa Koutakis Executive Head: Enterprise

Businesses depend on continuity, especially when it comes to their IT infrastructure. You want your business to perform optimally with fewer or zero interruptions. Often, businesses only realise this when there’s a network failure, system attack or another minor, yet costly, IT hiccup. A solid IT infrastructure is a prerequisite for a business to carry out its daily operations without disruptions. What is more important is to invest in an infrastructure that grows with your business. Instead of letting your business stall, ask yourself: Isn’t it time to rethink my data centre strategy?

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Simplify maintenance and reduce operational costs

If your business hosts mission-critical applications and data, employing dedicated staff to solely focus on continuous maintenance is a costly endeavour. We have the expertise to ensure fast deployment capacity, protected by a secure environment and extra space if you need it further down the line. There’s also a team of dedicated, highly specialised professionals to ensure that your IT infrastructure is performing optimally – they have what it takes to get everything back on track, fast.

Peace of mind with advanced security

Besides benefiting from around-the-clock maintenance, we use sophisticated biometric access-control, surveillance, monitoring and recording systems to ensure that only authorised people have physical access to the data centre. With this physical security in check, you can’t forget about cybersecurity because that’s exactly what cybercriminals look for. With such a wealth of information found in one place, we set up the latest firewalls and network access-control systems to protect the data centre from hacking and cybercrime.

Increased efficiency and agility

data centre hosted by us, businesses can properly evaluate their IT systems and requirements. If more space is needed, help is just a phone call away. With the ability to manage your data storage needs when you require, the irritation of performing with an under-provisioned or over-provisioned IT infrastructure will be a thing of the past.

Your business can rely on us

With our expert engineers on site 24/7 for maintenance and support, and our reliable network presence located in our data centres, your data will be processed efficiently and guarantee you  an exceptional performance.

We realise that to create and maintain our data centres, it is important to have an intimate knowledge of the environment, be prepared to continue evolving and improve our incident response procedures. Sometimes you need a little help to make the proper IT decisions and to choose the best IT solutions, so let us be your mentor. Read our guide, Understanding IT for the COO .

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