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So you know what the cloud is and you understand how it does what is does, but how can it benefit your business?
At Internet Solutions, we believe that the cloud is the future for any business looking to make their mark in the digital age. It just makes sense to use cloud services to take your business further. But it’s important to remember that not all cloud solutions are created equal. In fact, the wrong solution, and the wrong service provider can make your migration to the cloud challenging.

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That’s why we developed SkyLight, a cloud aggregation and management service that promotes growth and boosts innovation.

But what exactly is SkyLight and what does it do?

Here are a few SkyLight facts that you may find interesting:

DID YOU KNOW: SkyLight delivers the world’s biggest cloud

It does so by offering on-demand access to cloud platforms from various providers, including Amazon EC2, Dimension Data Cloud and Microsoft Azure, as well as Internet Solutions’ own cloud platform.

DID YOU KNOW: SkyLight offers a choice of virtual environments

We provide three product solutions so that you can find the best virtual environment for your business. These include virtual data centres, virtual machines and public cloud. Each option offers multiple levels of flexibility and control. Businesses don’t have to settle for one environment for their entire business, they can select different environments for different workloads.

DID YOU KNOW: With SkyLight you can do more with less

Being able to manage multiple tasks on a single platform makes businesses more efficient. With SkyLight, IT staff no longer have to switch between interfaces or move from one management system to another to get the job done.

DID YOU KNOW: Flexible pricing and no lock-ins make SkyLight the ideal cloud platform

Most businesses have to watch their budgets. In part, this means being able to estimate the cost of increasing resources and being able to make predictions about future requirements. If you choose SkyLight, we’ll send you a single, consolidated bill, outlining usage statistics. This allows you to effectively keep track of what you’re spending, and what you’re spending this money on.

DID YOU KNOW: SkyLight promotes growth and innovation

If you’re considering business growth, SkyLight is the solution for you. Offering instant access to virtual computing, storage and networking capabilities, SkyLight has everything you need to evolve your business from a simple startup into a sizable success. Furthermore, as businesses grow, managing these environments becomes more complex. The right cloud service provider will simplify management and make it easier to control business applications, networks and IT systems.

SkyLight is a one stop shop to solve all your cloud management challenges. Want to find the best platform to meet your needs? Download this guide.

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