Cost-effective connectivity with Managed SD-WAN supports growth of a pioneering investment bank in Africa

The group needed a more efficient way to connect their branches across Africa. They needed a simplified connectivity solution to optimise their network. Internet Solutions identified that Managed SD-WAN was the best connectivity solution as it provided the group with optimisation and cost savings. IS quickly deployed the Managed SD-WAN solution to seven branches. The group is enjoying the benefits of efficient connectivity, centralised management of their network including configuration, usage and security as well as reporting functionality.  The benefits of SD-WAN come at a fraction of the cost of their previous connectivity solution.

An investment banking and asset management group: raising the bar

Founded over 25 years ago, this investment banking and asset management group operates in both the public and private sectors. The group aims to build the largest and most client-centric investment banking group in Africa by establishing 20 fully autonomous investment banks in 20 countries in 20 years.

The group understands the need to build African markets enabling their position among mainstream developing markets. The group is committed to excellence and world-class customer service and their investment in any technology solution must support these goals.

Connecting branches across Africa

To connect their various branches across the continent, the group had an MPLS service with Internet Solutions (IS). While they were satisfied with the service, the geographic locations of the branches made their current connectivity solution an expensive option.

The group wanted to use a new technology to reduce costs while maintaining the same quality of connectivity and network stability they had with MPLS. Managed SD-WAN promised to deliver these and other benefits. Managed SD-WAN is a unified, virtual WAN and network function solution that simplifies the way you manage your network.  It provides increased bandwidth or Internet connectivity at a lower cost and provides better control, much simpler network management and reduced overall opex. They chose to continue to partner with IS to implement a solution that would achieve their technology goals and deliver cost savings.

Case Study: Managed SD-WAN - fast provisioning, immediate results

Internet Solutions met with the team to understand what it was that they were trying to achieve and what technology would enable this journey for them. Through consultative engagements and a product roadmap workshop, it was agreed that an SD-WAN solution would be the perfect fit.

Managed SD-WAN has a zero-touch provisioning approach that requires little to no human intervention, which allowed us to roll out the solution swiftly. We also rolled out new broadband connection mediums at each branch within the project: Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Swaziland, Nigeria and Uganda.  The broadband connectivity and SD-WAN solution provided all the branches with cost savings.

More benefits, at a fraction of the cost

A seamless integration of networks allows users across large geographic locations to perform their tasks as if they were under the same roof. Using the latest technology, the group is able to maintain business continuity, even when using voice services, while reducing their costs. They can also consume cloud-based services directly from a secure local breakout, which reduces the risk of a security breach.

The analytics, application awareness and reporting capabilities of SD-WAN gives the business greater visibility of their networking environment. And, because it’s a managed service, they don’t have to invest resources into maintaining the solution – everything is done by IS.

With connectivity, reporting and increased visibility at a fraction of the cost, the group has the technology infrastructure to support its goals for expansion across the continent – and a roadmap to implement the same solution to other, smaller countries that would benefit from this service.

‘‘As a group of companies Internet Solutions’ Managed SD-WAN has been instrumental in cost effectively replacing our MPLS connectivity. Through the solution we have added redundancy to our sites, increased throughput and reduced our connectivity cost by 60%, all while not compromising our security or quality of connectivity. The greatest benefit to us as a business is running Managed SD-WAN through Internet Solutions rental model which meant no massive CAPEX outlay for equipment. Managed SD-WAN is an excellent response by IS to the ever changing connectivity market.’’

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