Preventing downtime for Dimension Data

Dimension Data dealt with some of its business-critical yet ageing infrastructure by establishing a virtual data centre and outsourced firewall in the cloud. This ensures a reliable and cost-effective remote infrastructure management platform for Dimension Data clients.

The Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) platform is one of Dimension Data’s critical client-servicing tools that supports the company’s processes and people in delivering services to over 6,000 clients in 58 countries. Ageing infrastructure of this platform and the significant risk of system downtime meant client experiences and services could be compromised, something which Dimension Data knew was critical to avoid.

A global digital leader on the technology journey

Dimension Data is a global leader in the provision and management of specialist IT infrastructure solutions and services across all major industries. As a technology partner to its clients, Dimension Data uses RIM to proactively and predictively monitor systems to ensure constant and uninterrupted service delivery with maximum up-time. This entails offering 24/7 management and support, a commitment the company takes very seriously.

As is the case with any type of IT infrastructure, over time it could no longer support further updates to the operating system, which posed the risk that Dimension Data would not be able to provide clients with the service delivery it had promised. Even the smallest weakness in the platform meant a massive drain on human and financial resources.

Responding faster and smarter with cloud

Upgrading a system is not always as simple as updating hardware and software, particularly when system downtime is a significant business risk. Dimension Data needed to find an alternative solution with increased operational capabilities that would be more efficient and cost-effective to run and manage without putting extra strain on any additional resources.

Spending valuable resources on building and managing its own data centre, or going ahead with a complex and essential system upgrade, was neither the best nor most cost-effective solution for Dimension Data. This is where Internet Solutions came in to easily and more affordably meet these needs.

Internet Solutions was able to implement its Virtual Data Centre and Outsourced Firewall solutions to Dimension Data to address the RIM computing, storage, firewalling and networking requirements. This customised solution involved making several modifications to cater for the uniquely complex networking and security requirements of the RIM environment, while at the same time freeing RIM engineers to focus on their jobs instead of dealing with maintenance issues on an ageing infrastructure.

Technology and human resources now deployed efficiently in a win-win scenario

Dimension Data now enjoys reliable, fully redundant and cost-effective infrastructure hosting for RIM in the cloud without reinvesting in a complex on-site data centre that needs 24-hour maintenance and management. The new solution boosts productivity and prevents any further drain on operational resources.

Furthermore, the new pay-per-use model offers Dimension Data the flexibility to grow through economies of scale. Clients can also now reap the benefits of uninterrupted service delivery through a stable technology infrastructure.

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