When we talk about us, we’re really talking about how we create, build and deliver for our clients in Mozambique.

We do that by sticking to the three guiding principles that have always defined us: create for community, build for better, and deliver with the best.

Create for Community

From our very first day as a young, passionate Internet company, create for community has been at the heart of what we do. Back then, our objective was simple: to connect people using the power of the Internet. Because when you connect people, great things can happen. That’s something we still believe in. We’ve seen how powerful community can be in getting things done and making things better. Our solutions are all about the connections that build relationships, facilitate change and enable growth.

Build for Better

For us to contribute to and participate in a digital-everything world, we have to invest to improve. To build for better. This may be doing things more quickly, more efficiently or more securely. It may be about saving time, saving money or saving energy. Or it could be about increasing productivity or championing and enabling mobility.

Because your performance is as important as our own, we do this without compromising on quality, so you can benefit from the best technology and infrastructure.

You’ll also have the smartest technical, creative, scientific and commercial talent working with energy and enthusiasm to develop innovative solutions, and support and manage the technology platforms you use.

Deliver with the best

We can deliver with the best because we have the best. We see what needs to be done, and we have people with a diverse set of skills obsessed with making it happen, quickly and efficiently.

Create for community. Build for better. Deliver with the best.

This is Internet Solutions.
Simple as that.


Our People

We have diverse skills, personalities and areas of expertise, and one common focus: creating, building and delivering the best solutions for our clients.

Salvador Adriano
Salvador Adriano Chief Executive Officer

Prior to joining Internet Solutions, he held a number of executive roles during his long career in the ICT/Telecom industry. Adriano's last position was as Executive Director of MoRENet, the Mozambique Research and Education Network. Before that, he spent two years in Angola as CCO of Angola Telecom, under consultant contract with Detecon International GmbH.

In Mozambique, Adriano worked as CEO of TDM, the Telecom incumbent and also as Chairman... read more

Anselmo Matchebe
Anselmo Matchebe Chief Financial Officer

Anselmo Matchebe joined Internet Solutions in 2012 as Financial Executive. He is responsible for the financial and administrative functions as well the implementation of systems to ensure internal controls across all key transactional areas of the business.

Anselmo started his carrier at KPMG and has more than 13 years of experience in finance, management and leadership. Prior to joining IS, he was the country finance manager at Malaria... read more

Eugenio Novele
Eugenio Novele Chief Technology Officer

Eugenio joined Internet Solutions in January 2015. Prior to joining IS, he worked as Project Manager at ITRON, a multinational company focused on prepaid electricity products and systems.

Eugenio is passionate about sharing his knowledge and empowering colleagues to be the best they can be.

De Wet Hugo
De Wet Hugo Chief Commercial Officer

De Wet Hugo has been active in the ICT sector for over 19 years. Twelve of these have been with Internet Solutions Mozambique. He has held numerous managerial positions in different departments such as sales, client services as well as support and installations during.

De Wet has been instrumental in designing, optimizing and managing the extensive wireless networks in Mozambique. He is extremely passionate about the client experience, and the... read more

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