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Signio boosts productivity and service delivery with IS-to-the-Building

Since signing with IS, Signio has experienced the high speed and reliability the company needed to grow successfully.

Established in 2003, Signio spearheaded the development and use of electronic signing solutions to conclude vehicle finance deals in South Africa. The Signio solution provides each and every motor vehicle dealership in the country with a digital means of completing, signing and validating vehicle finance contracts and has since evolved to include functionality that enables automation, management and reporting on the entire vehicle and asset finance, insurance and value added product processes.

Signio delivers a system that enables financial transactions for the sale of motor vehicles and it integrates with participating financial service providers and dealers.

Furthermore, Signio develops end-to-end electronic workflow solutions that enable secure communications, document transfers and data in a manner that complies with relevant legislation. “These solutions are developed in the cloud by our in-house development team. We also test proof-of-concept and run simulations on these solutions before rolling them out,” explains Chris Pretorius, IT Systems Administrator at Signio.

Since its launch, Signio has employed Internet Solutions (IS) to manage their hosting requirements. This included the code written by their developers and the hosting needed by the web-based applications that the development teams create. “We need to ensure that our staff have the bandwidth capacity required to do research - we transfer significant volumes of data from our reporting system to provide statistical information to various industry business partners for reporting and analysis purposes,” continues Chris.

These requirements mean that high speed, reliable Internet connectivity is mission-critical for Signio. Initially the company used ADSL lines to connect to the Internet and the servers hosted in the IS data centre. Their developers would constantly experience downtime and poor quality of service due to the contention ratio on ADSL lines. “In fact, the performance on the ADSL lines were hindering our staff productivity, which impacted on the quality of our services to our clients. We tried various options to improve the capacity, including the use of two load-balanced ADSL lines, but that didn't work either,” adds Chris.

“To solve our problem we started looking at suitable alternatives. We found that the various wireless connectivity options were the least cost effective for our requirements and therefore decided that we needed to consider a fibre-to-the-door option. Having recently relocated to new premises we met with the property caretakers to determine how we should install our new connectivity system. We were relieved to find that fibre lines were already installed at the office park and that IS was the service provider. After a call to IS to enquire into the line's capabilities we were soon up and running on IS fibre and have been enjoying the benefits of working with one service provider for all our hosting and primary connectivity requirements ever since,” says Chris.

Since signing with IS, Signio has experienced the high speed and reliability the company needed to grow successfully. “The IS fibre line has improved the productivity of the development team and has helped increase the speed and reliability with which analysts access the information they need to report on the industry,” continues Chris. “It has also greatly improved my ability to manage the hosted environment remotely and with the IS fibre line we have in place, we also have the capacity needed to future-proof our business as we continue to expand our operation to meet growing demand for our products and services.”

Following the successful rollout of IS-to-the-Building and our long standing hosting partnership; Signio is now looking to expand their working relationship with IS even further.