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Communication is an essential element required for any company to operate effectively. Whether it is emailing your customers, collaborating with various offices in different geographical locations or promoting your company, all organisations require effective communication tools. It is essential that organisations take their communication services seriously and Internet Solutions has the ability to provide this to you.

We aim to drive efficiency for your business through innovative communication solutions. Through our Voice, Collaboration and Messaging solutions we can enable you to conduct business more effectively as it promotes increased collaboration and communication inside and outside of your organisation.

Our Voice offerings can provide you with the leading VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution, which has grown from strength to strength since launching in 2005. Call centres, public sector organisations and large blue chip enterprises all rely heavily on VoIP, which now delivers hundreds of millions of minutes of talk time each year through Internet Solutions.

Our collaboration suite, which consists of a number of online conferencing, instant messaging and presence services, allows for businesses to effectively communicate and collaborate, both internally with colleagues and externally with customers and suppliers. Ultimately, this reduces the decision making time in an organisation and greatly increases productivity.

Companies could not operate without messaging solutions such as email. At Internet Solutions we can provide you with a full suite of messaging solutions which will enable you to keep in touch and communicate effectively.

Our goal is to work toward integrating the above solutions to offer a full set of unified communication services as a single provider to enterprise, wholesalers, SMEs and public sector market segments in South Africa.

    • Voice

      Our Voice offering, which was launched in 2005, will provide you with the leading VoIP solution available.

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    • Messaging

      We offer cloud-based e-mail, fax and SMS services, security and archiving capabilities that spans solutions on every platform.

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