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Cloud-based services have become so pervasive that, for many organisations, it is difficult to imagine using applications and technology infrastructure components without the cloud.  Compared with traditional, pre-cloud environments, cloud brings efficiencies that enable companies to increase business flexibility and reduce capital costs. With no physical equipment for businesses to maintain, cloud computing can be easily adjusted to the needs of an organisation, either to increase capacity or scale down.

The extreme flexibility of cloud-based computing means the future of business is the cloud. There are very clear advantages in being able to reach core database information remotely, from any location, and by any authorised personnel. Business productivity can increase, along with the capacity for remote employment and easier data access while traveling.

As cloud hosting continues to mature, more companies are adopting this new model of IT infrastructure, storage and application provisioning. With the capabilities to support both non-critical and mission-critical services across the entire organisation, just about every business utilises some form of cloud computing, whether public, private or hybrid.

Internet Solutions' Cloud Services offers rapidly deployable co-location space, software-as-a-service, hosting, managed services, virtual servers and security services that can extend businesses into the cloud. With eleven robust and world class data centres across five countries, clients are able to choose geographically suitable locations for their primary and data recovery environments.

    • Cloud Managed Services

      Internet Solutions' Cloud Managed Services give businesses access to highly skilled, technical teams who manage multi-faceted hosted environments for cloud storage.

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    • Hosting and Co-location

      Internet Solutions offers unique hosting and co-location cloud computing that is telco-agnostic and provides the ideal location as a hub for online business.

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    • IP and Security Solutions

      As a growing number of business services, applications and processes move online, security becomes critical to guaranteeing information and communication integrity.

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