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Today we operate in a highly networked society. As these networks continue to grow, and the information age transforms to the participation age, connectivity becomes ever more important. The fact is that organisations rely on connectivity to run their business and the quality of connectivity determines the quality of an organisation’s communication, collaboration and transactional capabilities.

In the information economy, where exchanges are what make business happen, we all demand instantaneous downloads and get frustrated by even the minutest of delays. This, even more so where supplier-client relationships are concerned; where not only download speeds are seen as critical, but the speed of uploading content, images and data are potential indicators of the efficiency of a business to respond to their customer needs.

The expectations of service levels for data connectivity, along with the speed have increased. Downtime is no longer acceptable and anything less than immediate resolution is not just frustrating, but can impact on companies’ business. The world is open 24/7 and we all demand a continual online presence, with organisations and governments having to be accessible to their customers around the clock.

Our connectivity services enable our clients to operate 24/7 ensuring business continuity and the capability to deliver the very best in customer service.

    • Infrastructure

      We deploy fibre networks to offer services on our own infrastructure, in addition to offering alternative network and last-mile access via other providers.

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    • Managed Data Networks

      We provide companies with complete end-to-end control and flexibility over network performance, by utilising MPLS for a highly scalable data-carrying mechanism.

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