Internet Solutions Mozambique An African partner with global reach

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Global Carrier

Our international carrier services provide carrier quality connectivity, infrastructure and services by leveraging our extensive and fully owned network.

Internet Solutions is Africa’s largest managed networks services provider to global carriers and multinational companies, with services available throughout the continent.

The company has over 20 years’ experience in delivering connectivity services across Africa, supported by world-class infrastructure assets including 63 African points of presence (PoPs) in 14 African countries, 15,500sqm of data centre space located in London, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and the largest Africa VSAT MPLS network with over 3,500 VSAT terminations with teleports in South Africa, Mozambique, Nigeria and Germany. Internet Solutions has access to 210+ Gbps of bandwidth capacity over multiple African west and east coast cable systems through its investments in Sat 3, Main One, WACS, Seacom, EASSy, TEAMs and SAFE.  


The fact is that organisations rely on connectivity to run their business and the quality of connectivity determines the quality of an organisation’s communication, collaboration and transactional capabilities.