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South Africa’s first WiFi calling service

AlwaysOn Calling allows users to make calls over WiFi – saving South Africa money.

AlwaysOn, a WiFi provider, launches AlwaysOn Calling for Android smartphones.

AlwaysOn Calling lets users make calls over WiFi or their cellular data package, a much cheaper way of calling than using your mobile network. All users have to do is register on the AlwaysOn Website; they will receive an sms and then just need to follow the instructions. Once installed, the user’s phone will automatically choose WiFi or other data networks to make calls. 

The launch starting Monday the 8th of June will include 60 minutes of free talk time to any local cellular or landline service.  In addition, calls will be free between all users of AlwaysOn Calling, but calls made from the service to local fixed line and cellular providers will be charged at a flat rate of R30 per hour of talk time at per second rate. 

“AlwaysOn provides its services to close to a million monthly users, and the company is committed to ensuring that anyone who wants to be connected gets the best possible deal. We hope that by providing this service we will enable more people to be connected which is great for the country”, says AlwaysOn Managing Director Hayden Lamberti. 

“The South African consumer is having a rough time of it at the moment with mobile tariff hikes across the board. For South Africans wanting to get the best deal and maximise their time online, this is the perfect answer. It is easy to get, easy to use and users get to save a lot of money”, concludes Lamberti.

For more information please visit the AlwaysOn website from Monday 8 June.

About AlwaysOn

AlwaysOn is the leading Southern African WiFi hotspot provider, with the most extensive WiFi hotspot network in South Africa.