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SME evolution promoted through new bizIGNITE packages

As businesses evolve, so does its technology requirements change. Today, Internet Solutions (IS) announces three new business bundle solutions from IS Ignite  that are designed to help SME’s sail through the various stages of growth in their business and the IT requirements they may have as a result.

“For the small to medium business owner today, staying abreast of the latest technologies is often difficult if there isn’t a dedicated IT person in the business” says Herman Jansen van Rensburg, GM of IS Ignite. “With these new offerings from IS Ignite, we wanted to develop business bundles that will offer real value to SME’s that do not have a dedicated technical resource on staff” adds van Rensburg.

By removing the complexities of businesses’ most basic IT requirements, IS Ignite is able to offer three packages that cater to the ADSL connectivity, email and web hosting needs of SME’s. “Instead of having to choose from numerous different services and technologies, we have made the process simple and business owners simply choose the package based on the number of staff they employ. SME’s also get these services at a better rate than if they were to buy it all individually” adds van Rensburg.

With these smart bundles from IS Ignite, small business owners do not have to pick the services they think they may require. Each bundle has everything an SME needs from a connectivity solution and caters for businesses with employee numbers ranging from 10 up to 40 in total. Each package also feature IS Ignite’s 24/7 support availability, meaning that SME’s will also have access to a dedicated support team, anytime of the day.

With these new packages from IS Ignite, the fixed monthly fee gives SME’s access to unlimited data usage as they pay only for the speed at which they access data, rather than the amount of data that they consume. IS also provides access to its large network of AlwaysOn Wi-Fi hotspots, allowing SME’s to enjoy connectivity at over 1400 locations around the country.

Package details
The packages are provided on a month-to-month basis with no onerous long-term contracts. As part of their launch campaign, IS Ignite will offer an introductory price of R297 p/m for the bizIGNITE starter bundle for the first 100 subscribers. 

bizIGNITE Starter is the entry-level package for 10 employees or less. This package offers start-ups an end-to-end solution allowing the business to be visible on the Internet, communicate by email and have constant access to the Internet without their bandwidth being capped.

2Mbps Uncapped ADSL
10 PoP Mailboxes
Domain registration/transfer
Shared hosting with database
bizIGNITE Starter: R359 p/m

bizIGNITE Go-Getter caters to businesses with 20 employees or less and is geared towards SMME’s that require faster bandwidth and more data throughput for tasks such as VOIP.

4Mbps Uncapped ADSL
20 PoP Mailboxes
Domain registration/transfer
Shared hosting with database
bizIGNITE Go-Getter: R459 p/m

bizIGNITE Max is for established businesses with 40 employees or less. This package is ideal for SME’s that require very fast broadband connectivity as part of their business critical needs.

10Mbps Uncapped ADSL
40 PoP Mailboxes
Domain registration/transfer
Shared hosting with database
bizIGNITE Max: R959 p/m

You can find out more on the bizIGNITE page.

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