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Internet Solutions and Etisalat partner to extend MPLS network

Internet Solutions, a pan-African telecommunications services provider and Etisalat, the leading telecommunications provider in United Arab Emirates (UAE) have signed a bilateral partnership agreement that will extend the reach of both companies’ Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network coverage across the Middle East Region and Africa.

This partnership will enable both entities to increase the scope of their ICT offerings and provide better service to their clients across the region. Through a bilateral network-to-network (NNI), IS will access Etisalat’s network reach and Etisalat will in-turn be able to utilise IS’s extensive, fast and reliable Africa network.

“As market leaders in their respective regions, IS and Etisalat will share industry expertise and infrastructure, enabling both UAE enterprises and African clients to benefit from access to new technologies, faster and more cost effectively.  Clients will be able to conduct business seamlessly with confidence of a reliable, secure and high performance network supporting them”, says Greg Montjoie, Executive for Connectivity, Internet Solutions.

Etisalat’s network has been connected to IS’s MPLS network through the use of network-to-network interface (NNI), offering all clients access to a global network through a single connectivity partner.

“The MPLS services offered across the Etisalat and IS network will provide corporate clients with a fully integrated, fast and reliable network service enabling them to conduct critical business and with the comfort that business transactions whether voice, video or data will be done securely,” added Montjoie.

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