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Internet Solutions’ 5.2Gbps rAge connection sees almost 100TB downloaded

Internet Solutions (IS) provided a record breaking 5.2Gigabit per second Internet service to gamers attending Africa’s largest consumer gaming and technology expo, rAge, this last weekend - the fastest Broadband connection as compared to previous years.

“This year we have seen record breaking speeds and traffic volume in the IS-sponsored NAG LAN area at rAge. Traffic downloads reached 99.64TB with 24.34TB uploaded over the three days of the expo. This is equivalent to each gamer having experienced the equivalent of a 100Mbps Broadband service”, said Greg Montjoie, Executive for Connectivity at IS.

More than 2,100 gamers experienced Africa’s fastest Gigabit Broadband service during rAge. “The big question for everyone following the event was, what did everyone use close to 100TB of data for?” said Montjoie.

Patches for both Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 topped the list, while the highest HTTP traffic came from EA, Playstation, Microsoft (Windows Updates and Xbox), Steam and Nvidia, AMD and ATi.

“Through IS Gaming we host over 800 high performance instances which run through our servers and have a strong, growing community so it is always great to be able to extend our involvement in South African gaming through events such as rAge”, said Montjoie.

However, South Africa is not only going to be able to experience this kind of performance at events of this nature. “IS is continuing to roll out fibre infrastructure across Gauteng, with 50 locations set to have the same speeds available to businesses as demonstrated at rAge by the end of this year”, concluded Montjoie.

Last year IS sponsored a 1Gbps connection to the expo for the first time - setting the initial record for a LAN connection in Africa. This event saw a total of 21TB downloaded.