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  • Mediclinic

    Mediclinic Southern Africa forms part of Mediclinic International, which operates 75 medical facilities in Southern Africa, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates, making it the sixth largest private medical group in the world.

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  • Connecting Pikitup

    Johannesburg’s transformation into a world-class city begins with presenting a clean and hygienic environment to all citizens and visitors. In this regard, the city’s official waste management service provider, Pikitup Johannesburg (Pty) Ltd, has a crucial role to play.

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  • Signio boosts productivity and service delivery with IS-to-the-Building

    Established in 2003, Signio spearheaded the development and use of electronic signing solutions to conclude vehicle finance deals in South Africa. The Signio solution provides each and every motor vehicle dealership in the country with a digital means of completing, signing and validating vehicle finance contracts and has since evolved to include functionality that enables automation, management and reporting on the entire vehicle and asset finance, insurance and value added product processes.

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