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What is defined as abuse?

It is any action that goes against the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) of Internet Solutions that resides within the IS network.

Why does IS have the Acceptable Use Policy and why should I adhere to it?

An Acceptable Use Policy defines the accepted behaviour of users on Internet Solutions’ network. This allows IS to maintain the integrity and quality of our services and protect our customers and infrastructure from abuse.

Where can I get the IS Acceptable Use Policy?

You can view the Internet Solutions AUP here.

What are the general types of abuse?    

Spam, Copyright Infringements, Hacking attempts, Phishing, Virus/Worm attacks, Open Relays, Port Scans, Open Proxies, Blacklisting, 419 Scams, Unsolicited Bounce, Dictionary attacks, Open Mail Relay.

What is Spam?

Any unwanted, unsolicited email sent to your email address is considered SPAM. SPAM is the electronic version of junk mail.  Spam email may contain, but is not limited to, commercial advertising, often for dubious products, pornography, get-rich-quick schemes, chain letters and hoax virus alerts.

What is Spamcop?

Spamcop is a free spam reporting service that allows recipients of unsolicited bulk email and unsolicited commercial email to report offences to the sender’s ISP’s.

How does being blacklisted affect my company?

Being blacklisted is bad for business.  Depending on the type of blacklisting it can result in various services being stopped like the blocking of emails.

When is something considered ‘not an IS Abuse issue’?

An action is considered ‘not an IS Abuse issue’ when it occurs outside the IS network or the IP address does not belong to Internet Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

Who or what is ISPA?

The Internet Service Providers’ Association or ISPA is a South African Internet industry body.  ISPA has many members, comprised of large, medium and small Internet service and access providers in South Africa.  All ISPA members are bound by the Association’s Code of Conduct.  This Code requires all members to meet certain standards in terms of privacy, consumer protection, spam and protection of minors. For more information on ISPA please visit

What is the process to lodge a take-down notice with ISPA?

For more information regarding ISPA Take-down Notices please click on the following link:  

What is a section 205 Subpoena?

A Section 205 warrant is required for the release of any client information. Obtaining a Section 205 Warrant will require that an incident of abuse is reported to a local police station and upon receipt of a case number, a Section 205 Warrant may be requested from any Court of Law.

How do I obtain a section 205 Subpoena?

Please click here to see how to obtain a Section 205 Subpoena.

My machine has been hacked by an IS IP address, can you assist?

Yes, please see how to log an abuse complaint  - Contact Us

I am a client of IS and my machine has been hacked, can you assist?

Yes, if the machine is managed by IS, please contact the Global Service Centre on (011) 575 0055. 

My IP has been blacklisted, how do I get this rectified?

If a single IP address has been blacklisted please follow the links provided at the end of the notification.  If a block has been blacklisted email along with the required instruction as per the mail/error received. 

What is a Phishing site?

This is a fraudulent process of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords or credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in electronic communication such as a website.

I have been informed by IS Abuse that I have a live phishing site hosted on my network. What is the process around this?

Live phishing sites have to be dealt with immediately. The client has one hour to remove the phishing site and any related content. Failure to do so will result in the service being suspended. The client’s service shall not be permitted to reconnect to the IS network until the device has been cleaned and secured. Clients are to provide all relevant information about the phishing site and logs to IS Abuse for further investigations. The client should also review their current security solution to prevent future reoccurrences.

I think someone is stealing my bandwidth, can IS abuse help me?

If you do have detailed logs, usernames, timestamps etc we shall do our best to assist. Note that this is a detailed investigation which may take some time to resolve.

Is the alias monitored 24/7?

No, it is monitored Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.

How can I urgently get assistance after hours? 

For high level abuse related complaints contact the Global Service Centre on (011) 575 0055.

Is technical support provided by the IS Abuse Team?

No, the Abuse Team member may be capable of offering advice but not formal technical assistance.

How can one get into contact with an IS Abuse team member?

A team member may be contacted via the specific complaint lodged or by mailing IS Abuse –

Does IS Abuse monitor my activity?


Are there areas where the abuse team cannot assist me?

IS Abuse is only able to assist with problems originating from the IS network.

What is a Technical or Abuse contact? 

A technical or abuse contact (also referred to as a TC) is a primary contact that IS can liaise with to report complaints and assist in resolving problems.

What information is required from me to lodge a complaint?

IS Abuse needs comprehensive logs of the abuse, i.e. mail headers, firewall logs, date stamps etc all in plain text.

What must I do once I receive a complaint from IS Abuse?

IS Abuse requires you to investigate, address, and resolve the complaint as well as provide feedback on the steps taken to prevent the issue from recurring. We are of the assumption that if we do not receive feedback, no action has been taken to resolve the abuse. 

What are the consequences if I ignore the complaint?

You are in breach of Internet Solution’s AUP and therefore run the risk of having your services suspended.

What steps do you take to inform me about the complaint?

IS Abuse will email the Abuse/Technical contact listed on our system for your company.

I have received a complaint but I am not the correct company contact to resolve the issue. What should I do?

Please contact your IS Account Manager with the updated information.

I have acknowledged the complaint, how do I go about resolving it?

IS Abuse only notifies you of the issue at hand unfortunately we do not offer technical assistance.

I’ve reported a complaint to abuse and requested feedback, how long will it take to be actioned?

IS Abuse will action within 2 working days. If no feedback has been received after this period please phone IS Abuse.

I want to escalate my complaint, how do I go about doing this?

This can be done through the Global Service Centre on (011) 575 0055

I want all the complaints against me merged into one.  Can this be done?

No, each and every abuse complaint that is logged with the IS Abuse Department receives a unique ticket number.

Can I be held responsible for a virus outbreak on my computer/network?

Yes, ensuring the security of one’s network (wireless, anti-virus, security patches etc) is the responsibility of the IS customer.

I do not agree with the wording that I “have” done something illegal.  Why not change it to “I am suspected of”?

The complaint has been forwarded in its original wording.  IS does not tamper with content.

I have received an AOL or YAHOO complaint for spam however the email complained of is a legitimate email. How do I resolve this?

Should the email be legitimate correspondence you may liaise with the recipient of the email to resolve the matter. The abuse reporting is not done by AOL or Yahoo. AOL and Yahoo are third parties providing the means to the end user.